Bar and Wine Shop

N0.5 Chapel Row, Bath BA1 1HN
01225 423 417

We have small bar area where you can enjoy wines from Jp’s carefully chosen Wine list . If you are feeling hungry try a snack from bar snacks all made in house.

We were voted one of Britains top Bars by the Independant Newspaper:

“The 50 Best Bars From classic cocktail lounges and late-night hideaways, Enjoli Liston finds the top places to relax.Owners Jean Pierre and Carey take personal pride in ensuring that this cosy wine bar and bistro has an authentic French feel that certainly keeps its streams of customers happy. The wine list, in particular, keeps them so happy that Beaujolais boasts its own wine shop so that drinkers can buy their favourite tipples right there on the spot. Cute, quaint and enchantingly rustic.”

You can also take advantage of our free Wi Fi Connection.

Wines by the Glass

Ugni Blanc Maseng Domaine De Menard Cuvee Marine 2009 Gascogne – Very dry ,crisp with light minerality £3.95

Sauvignon Fleur De Coucou 2009 Tourraine Loire-Ripe Citrus Fruit £3.95

Viognier Domaine Paul Mas Chateau Gonas 2009 – Vaucluse – Spicy, zesty, fruity, soft dry wine £3.95
Chardonnay Domaine La Croix Belle 2009 Herault -Buttery, full, medium flavoured £3.95

Picpoul Picpoul De Pinet Cotes Flamenc 2009 Cap D’Ague – Tropical & citrus fruits, dry, fresh £3.95
Pinot Gris Domaine Edouard Lieber Tradition 2008 Alsace French Pinot Grigio
With a twist! £4.15

Merlot Serle Noire 2008 Roussillon Plumy, silky tannins £3.95 £10.05 £15.50

Cabernet Sauvigno Domaine Bergon 2009 Beziers – Ripe flavours, rich, dry, full bodied £3.95

Grenache Syrah Cotes Du Rhone 2009 Sol Acantaly Rhone Tavel – Smooth, spicy, £3.95

Duras Brancol Gaillac 09 Dom Ecausse Lot – Rich, fruity, great rustic flavours…£3.95

Gamay Beaujolais 09 Mandrillon North of Lyon – Light, fresh and easy drinking £3.95

Pinot Noir Bouchard & fils 09 Burgundy – Tasty, luscious, dry with red berries £3.95

Full Wine List Available – Please call the Beaujolais and We can forward it to you.